Monday, June 30, 2014

God's Mission, My Mission!!


God's Mission, My Mission
    In July of 2001, we started down a very long and fun road that has brought us to this place today.  That one month in 2001 changed our lives forever.  We headed into our final interviews, physicals and paperwork to leave for the Middle East and begin this journey that has led us here today.  Then at the end of August, I left a career at Target as a Store Team Leader and Trainer, then 9/11 happened, we worked from the U.S. until we could move over to region.  And since then we have seen God bless us in great and wonderful ways.
    Recently I heard from someone that they don't understand how I "can work with these people."  The comment shocked me and broke my heart because for me all I can see is how God is working in the lives of these people,  how many are becoming seekers of the One and True Living God, and holding onto the promise that God is beginning a Great Revival and Awakening in this region.  A Lebanese Pastor friend once told me that he works in this region because he hopes that he will have the privilege of telling the last person about Jesus Christ before Jesus returns.  This Pastor Friend got it and I pray that I get it too.  Although there is a great lostness in this region, there is also a openness to listen and to share. 
    Over the years, we have lived in Jordan, Lebanon and then back to the U.S.  Over the last almost 10 years I have traveled many miles back to this region where I have had the blessing of leading many teams and working with many wonderful people and believers.  Plus I have seen God working in a great ways throughout this region.
    What is next?  We will continue to follow the Lord has this door open for me to walk through.  I will continue to share the truth, so that this young boy pictured above will someday have the opportunity to grow up and be able to worship and praise the One True and Living God. 
    How do I do this?  First, through the Power of the Lord.  Second, through the Love and Support of my wife, Jeannine; who has sacrificed so much for me to continue to answer His Call.  And finally through each of you that pray for us and support us.  Please hold us up in your prayers.  Although the work in the region will be continuing and I will be working diligently on this, we are also going to be focusing a lot of effort on raising our Ministry Partnership levels.  God has been very faithful in supplying all of our needs during this wonderful journey, we have recently had many partners who have had to reduce their support or stop due to work situations.  So our support is at a very dangerous level right now. 
     Thank you again for praying for us and reading this blog.  It means a lot.  If you would like to comment on this blog, please do and I will share them with everyone.  Each of you are such a blessing to us.

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