Saturday, June 14, 2014



    Well it has begun.  In about 8 hours we will head to the airport to start our 30 hour plus journey home.   Yesterday was a lazy day and an exciting day.  Lazy because little did we have scheduled but resting, shopping, our final dinner together (which our hosts and their families joined us), and then a spiritual warfare meeting that happened later (but that will have to wait till home to tell about). 
     In this episode of our adventure, I would like to tell you about us and their contributions to the team and the region. 

Bernie:  Amazing man and friend.  He came as he usually does on these trips with me.  His job is to be a Police Officer in the US, so he is our protection and my eyes when I tend to not see the safety.  He is my right hand on these trips in so many ways.  He loves the region and the people and in every action he demonstrate this love. 
Steve:  He is a Pastor in the US and here he was able to share the Word of the Lord in church.  He became a friend to many.  He would pray when anyone needed prayer.  He was our excitement.  In everything he would find the excitement. 
Skip:  He like Steve is a Pastor in the US.  He spoke God's word with abandon here.  He brought the truth and yet he maintained our team's balance.  He would make laugh, he would make us smile and for me he was my rock which I could hold onto. 
Dona Beth:  This will probably be her last adventure and she is a trooper.  Despite all of the health issues.  When she has been unable to go with us, she was praying for us.  She is an example of strength.
Becca:  For someone young, she is an amazing person.  When she prays, you feel the Spirit.  Becca has a true heart for serving the Lord and although because this is a man dominated area was unable to share as much as she wanted, at every opportunity she shared.  God has big plans for her.  Becca was also our humor more than just a few times.  Her comments of "my filter is down" had us all laughing.  There is a story that I promised her that I would never share, but would let her share, but for me it will ALWAYS be the highlight of this trip. 
Gavin:  Amazing is the understatement here.  God gave him a talent of music and he recognizes it.  When he sings, it truly draws you into the presences of the Lord.  The people here were blown away from the talent of God gave him.  He blessed the team and the people here and his affect because he came and answered the call will have a long history here.  And for me personally, I have know Gavin for most of his life and this adventure I got to know him as the man has become.  Totally in AWE at what God has created in him. 
    God does nothing by accident and this group of WONDERFUL people being here was no example.  I have only told a brief little bit about each of them.  I wish I could tell you more but you would be here all day.  I am blessed and honored to be here with them. 
    This will be my last blog until we return home to the US.  Thank you for your prayers, love and support.  In a spiritual battle, like what is happening here and now; we need people praying, loving and supporting those in the middle. Each of us could feel your prayers and love.  Thank you to the family and friends for allowing them to come to this region and share the light of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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