Thursday, June 12, 2014



(and the attacks have begun)

    Yesterday was an easy day but a late day, a day fill with joy and yet sadness.  Part of the team was able to go and interact in the market, while another part went and met with some more Seekers in the morning.  Then it was back to start getting ready for a marathon couple of days.  Last night, the group went and Worshipped, Celebrated and had a great time with the Pakistani Church.  Steve was the speaker, which I heard he did a great job sharing (I was unable to attend due to circumstances beyond my control).  And Gavin was again a hit with his musical talent and abilities.  After the service, the team interacted with the whole church and all I have heard was that "They really honored us."  The team came back very pumped.
    Today will be a marathon day for the team, again I do not know how much I will be them, but I will report at the end how God worked.  They got back so late last night that I was unable to get their pictures but I will try today to get some for you on FB.  Right now the team will be with at least 5 different groups, worshipping, celebrating, speaking and praying.  Please lift them up as the day goes on.
    Please pray for the team extra hard these next few days until we get home.  The enemy is definitely attacking.  Pray of the health of each person of the team (please give this some extra doses of prayer), for the wisdom of each of the speakers today, pray for the team as they interact that they may be able to share fully, pray that God be God and do great things. 

    Addition:   I forgot to add our verses today.  Please read Ephesians 3:20:  "To him who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine."

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