Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Arabian Peninsula: Soon Begins


    I just couldn't resist myself but to add this picture.  Jeannine sent it to me last week and I find it so right since in just about 4 hours I will be starting the trip to the Arabian Peninsula.  Here are the basics for the trip:
1.  There is a team of  seven of us (from California and Oklahoma) headed to the southwestern part of the Arabian Peninsula.
2.  We will arrive there after 30 plus hours in transit.
3.  We are doing a multitude of different things from working at the beach, doing ESL, working with local churches and other various things.
4.  We are 9-11 hours ahead of your time (11 hours from California, 9 hours from Oklahoma).
5.  We will be in-country for 9 days, and then another approximately 30 hours home.
    This only covers a few of different things we will be doing.  The team is very excited about what is going to happen.  We have already begun to see many works.  There is a great harvest beginning and we just the beginning of the things that will happen. 
    Please lift up the team daily, the people we will come in contact with and our families here in the States.  Please check back often or even daily to this blog to see what God is doing on this trip.  Also please leave your comments, I would love to share then with the team.
God Bless,

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