Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day 2014

    Independence Day in America is a very special day.  It is the day that we celebrate our freedom from England and the a cry out to the world that, we will worship our God without restriction and without any persecution.  It is a wonderful day and a day that I am very proud to be an "American." 
    Lately we have been reading, hearing and praying for many countries and people that do not have the freedom to worship the One and True, Living God.  When people in a lot of countries become Believers, their lives are basically over.  They lose their families, friends, income, and could possibly lose their lives.  What cost they pay to become Believers!!! 
    This is the world that the Lord has called us to work in.  I have seen many and know of even more who have answered the Call of the Lord in their lives and have walked away from 1500 years of persecution, tradition and lack of relationship to follow God, not Allah; but God the Father and Creator, who wants a relationship with them and us.  A God who sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for each of us as our sacrifice so we would have a relationship with Him for all eternity. 
    So on this day, pray for those that have made the decisions to follow the Lord.  Pray for them as they are being persecuted and are suffering great costs.   Pray that they will remain strong in the faith.  Pray for those that are called to serve in the world and share Jesus with them in this area. 
    On this Independence Day, give thanks for our freedoms here in the United States and please remember the POWER OF PRAYER and PRAY!!!!!!

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