Thursday, June 26, 2014

Final Report Arabian Peninsula

    I have waited a week to do this last report from the Arabian Peninsula for several reasons.  I wanted to be able to really look at the work that the Lord had done with the team, before and after the trip.  I wanted to hear from the team about what they thought of this adventure and to see also how God has worked in their lives, since returning.  Based on these two reasons, I can say that no matter what happened;  God gets all the Glory for the things that happened because we obeyed to go. 
    There were many interesting things that transpired on this trip.  A few, I have never experienced as a leader of a team and challenges that were new and could have easily have taken our focus of what the Lord was doing.  However, this was a great team and they refused to let the enemy get, a little toe into the work that was happening.  They were truly a blessing to me.
    We were able to share with many about the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We were able to uplift, worship and participate in several local church services, which were such a blessing to the team and the churches.  I would like to share the story of one young man, who because of the team is now actively seeking.  The team actually met him early into our trip and he was a instrumental in several of the conversations that were to take place.  The team spend many hours with him, sharing and building a relationship with him and several of his friends.  After our departure, he began to question even more about the future and this was because of the team.  This is just one of the teams contacts. 
     Sharing, telling, interacting and building relationships was just a few of the things the team did while they were there.  They experienced camels, camels, and more camels on a daily basis.  We prayed together at least twice a day and shared in the Words of the Bible.  The team praised the Lord from the cliffs over looking the Arabian Peninsula to the mountains surrounding the place we were staying.  The teamed prayed for one of team members, who became ill on this trip.  And the team prayed with the churches for open doors into their community.  The great thing about this trip is that there were souls that made the eternal decision to walk with God. 
    In my final thought, I am ALWAYS amazed that God can bring together people, who have never met except on a few phone calls; and do amazing and eternal work.  In this region of the world, there is a need to share the Gospel and to reach the area for Jesus Christ.  God wants to do an eternal work here, he just needs people who are willing to break ground, toll the ground and plant the seeds.  This team did just that.  They did it without complaining (or at least not much-the heat and humidity was really bad), they went when a door was open (even a crack), they shared in any way they could and they were faithful to the Call of the Lord.  To them, thank you for going.  To you, thank you for praying, supporting and praying more.  May our Lord bless each of you daily.

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