Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 2 Ended and Day 3 Begins


    Good Morning from the Arabian Peninsula where we have been enjoying the weather, about 90 degrees and 75% humidity, to the wonderful people of this region.  Yesterday was a pretty good day, as they should be when you are walking with the Lord.
    Yesterday 3 of our group (Dona Beth, Becca, and Gavin) began the day by going to a home of a wonderful person where they were welcome in and we able to share, talk and enjoy the beginning steps of this lady.  The other 4 of us headed to the Souk (market) and did intercession and interaction with the local people.  Then we all came back and begin our time open conversation in the English classes that were happening.  Dona Beth, Steve and Becca were able to be with the children and enjoy their openness, friendliness and just fun.  Then later the group met with a group of adults learning English and were able to speak about families, hobbies, interest and pretty much anything else that arose.  They all said that they enjoyed this because of the sharing that was happening.  Then in the evening we participated in our first Church service.  What started as 20 people ended with over 60 (yes I counted),  listening to Skip speak God's Word and challenging the people to become light and remember that Jesus came to save the world.  And Gavin joined in with their worship group to celebrate worshipping our Lord.  It was a good day!
     Today we are headed to visit the local Mosque and pray to OUR LORD.  Then we head outside where we are to meet a "friend" and soon a "brother."  We will be with him and his family and his many, many  camels (I will be in Heaven, love those animals) and share a wonderful meal with eternal results.  
     Today during our time together, we will be looking at the following Words:

You, God, are awesome in your sanctuary; the God of Israel gives power and strength to his people. Praise be to God!

     Thank you again for walking this road with us...

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