Friday, November 1, 2013

Ministry Partnership-Relationships


Relationships with an Eternal Purpose

    I have been really praying about writing about what is a Faith Based Ministry and its key to success, Ministry Partnership.    When Jeannine and I returned home from the Middle East and then answered God’s  Call to go to work with International Commission, one of the hardest aspects was seeking Ministry Partnership-Relationships .  However over the last nine years, we have found Ministry Partnership-Relationships to be one of the greatest blessings.

    Faith Based Ministry is, trusting the Lord to not only provide all of your physical needs, but to provide for all of your financial needs.  It is a ministry that walks totally by faith in everything.   Throughout the Bible, there are multitudes of examples of living by faith.  The first century church in Acts lived by faith, sharing everything;   Paul constantly lived by faith throughout his ministry; then there is Romans 11 which speaks about the many whose faith was unwavering. 

    One of the major components of a Faith Based Ministry is Ministry Partnerships.   Ministry Partnership is where others join in relationship with you as Partners in what God has called us all to do and that is to “be His witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).”  It is not about being a donor, it is not about being a source, it is ALL ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP.    The relationship of caring for each other, communicating with each other, praying for each other and supporting each other. 

    International Commission has grown exponently since adopting Ministry Partnerships as the major avenue by which all of the field staff work for the organization.  How does it work is a common question asked of us.  Basically each of us from the beginning seek relationships in two ways, prayer and financial support.  Neither is more important than the other and thus we treasure them.   Prayer is needed for the reason all of us need prayers and financial support is so that we can concentrated on His Call.  An example of Ministry Partnerships in the Bible is the Apostle Paul and his relationship with Phillippians. 

    Ministry Partnership-Relationships are the backbone of continuing to work in the Ministry.  Without them, many of us struggle and eventually have to leave the ministry.  I know that is a harsh comment to make but it is the truth.  Without the prayers of our partners, we would be open to the attacks of Satan-the enemy.  Without the people who sacrifice for us financially, we would have to seek employment and jobs that would drastically reduce our time and focus on the ministry.

    How do you become involved?  First pray about being a Ministry Partner.  Let God reveal what He wants of  you, and if He leads you to partner; please don’t wait, do it today.  Second, let me know you want to be a partner, then we can start to develop the relationship to what God wants it to be.  Third, start.  If you are praying then start praying, if  you feel God wants you to become involved financially then here are the steps.

1.        You can become a monthly financial partner, an annual financial partner or you can also make special financial gifts.   Monthly financial partners commit to a specified amount each month to be given, this can be an automatic gift from the account you dictate or you can write a check, which you will receive a statement each month after the initial monthly gift is made.  Annual financial partners make one gift each time each year for an amount they feel led to give.  Special gifts are just that, they are given whenever the partner feels led to give by the Holy Spirit. 

2.       If you feel led to be either a monthly partner or annual partner,  please contact me through and I can assist you through the required steps needed.

3.       If you feel led to make a special gift;  you can send it to me,  directly to the office of International Commission and just put on the gift my name, or you can go on the website of International Commission and make a gift electronically.

4.       All financial gifts are tax deductible and should be made above your tithe to your church.
    Ministry Partnership-Relationships are a mutual journey we take together to further the Gospel of our Lord.   In this economically challenged world and a world where the enemy is attacking constantly,   Partnership-Relationships are more important now than ever before.  Please if you have any questions, want to become a Ministry Partner or just ask for prayer let me know. 
     Thank you again for allowing me to pour my heart and concerns to you through this blog.    

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