Sunday, October 27, 2013

Being Transparent

    Transparency is a very interesting concept.  A good definition is: "a transparent object, especially a photographic slide that is viewed by light shining through it from behind or by projection."  You might be wondering why I have decided to blog transparency tonight.  Transparency in ministry that God has called me into is something that I have really tried to be able to achieve. 
   The Bible talks a lot about being the same person wherever and whatever you are doing. Many Pastors have preached on the exact subject.  Why is it so important?  Simple answer is because God sees us wherever we are and whatever we are doing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Throughout the Bible, God speaks to us about seeing us all the time.  He knew about Adam's sin in the Garden, He knew about David's sins with Bathsheba, and the list just keeps going.  So if we say we believe we must always remember that God sees us all the time.
    When I look at the definition and then with understanding what the Bible says; I find it interesting that the definition uses "that is viewed by light shining through it from behind."  Think about that for just a second....light shining through.  If we truly say we are a Believer then the Light that needs to shine through us is Jesus Christ.  So in my life I desire to be so transparent that Jesus shines through me.
    I know that I am far from being completely transparent, but I really try to be.  I try to be transparent in every aspect of my life.   I strive not to hide anything from my family, my friends and our Ministry Partners.  If God can see me, still care for me, and then forgive me...then I should be the same in all aspects of my life. 
    Thank you for letting me ramble tonight and I am sure that by now you have seen the pictures that I attached to this blog.  Yes that young man on the left is me and the one below is me, more closer to the age I am now.  I added these because I want to be transparent.

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  1. Brother Ron, I loved this! Oh how it speaks to my heart! Love the blogs! Your sister in Christ, Stacie Rogers Reid!