Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tel Be'er Sheva

    Please forgive the lack of pictures, I have been trying to no avail.  I will keep trying but in the meantime, I pray you can just visualize what is happening here.
    Today we went to a local high school to be with them and to share our lives with them.  As we went into the classroom of 36 students, ages 16 and 17; we had no idea what to expect.  Our plans are to spend 2 days with these students developing relationships and sharing.  Little did we know that the soon after our arrival, the Headmaster of the student was going to enter into the room to see what we were doing.  This allowed me and our country leader to share with him that we were Christians and we were here to share with the students.  He was very excited and before we left he was inviting us to come back and be part of his school again and would open his whole school to us.  Next as we were totally engulfed with the students, enters the new Mayor of the city.  He was told that there were 12 Americans at the school sharing.  Within a few minutes he was not only welcoming us and thanking us to the school and his city, he was invited us to come and share in all of the schools of the city.  God is so great and we were able to share openly about God and His Son without any fears.  And now to add to our excitement we now get to go and spend the whole morning with the students and we are so expectant about what God will do and has already done.

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  1. Oh my how this blessed me brother! Look at how God opened door after door. That just makes me smile. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I loved hearing that there are twelve sharing there already. I see that multiplying! I remain in prayer for the team and for prepared hearts. God is so good! Your sister in Christ, Stacie Reid