Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Travel begins NOW

    My dear friends and family......
          It is time for the last blog before shutting down and heading to Israel with a team of 11 Called People.  It is amazing when God calls people.  Sometimes you never know what exactly you are going to do but that you are called to be obedient and to Follow Him in His Call.   Eleven people from California, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Texas have answered the Call and are going to Israel tomorrow. 
         For the next 10 days they will be sharing the Love of God to the people.  They will be planting seeds, they will be tilling the soil and they will sharing their faith and the Glory of our Lord.  I am so honored to be able to be the leader of this group.
        Please over the next couple of weeks pray for the following things for the team:
                       1.  The safety and health of the team.
                       2.  Opportunities to share
                       3.  Flexibility to do what the Lord wants and not what we want.

         Please pray for me the following:
                       1.  I lead the group with the Lord in mind
                       2.  That I am open to the guidance of the Lord
                       3.  Selfishly, my back which has gotten very bad over the last couple of days..

     I will be writing more over  the days and include pictures.  If you feel led to send a message to the team, here is my email: and I would love to share them with the team.

May God Bless Each of You...


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