Friday, November 8, 2013

Arrival in Israel

    The team has arrived in Israel and ready (sort of) to get going.  All of the flights went relatively easy with the exception being the group from California.  Due to weather in Philadelphia, their (our) flight was delayed and moved around so much that we really didn't know if we would be making the connection.  But a quick run across the airport in Philly and we all arrived on the plane.  So it was a pretty fun time.
    It is amazing to enter into Israel and wonder what God has planned because we know His plans are so much GREATER than ours. 
    I am beginning to think that the enemy really does put on some extra attacks when I go on these trips, either by myself or with a team.  The last 3 teams I have led something has happened.   Oman last year, we lost my Mother in Law to cancer;  Turkey early in the summer, there was a national protests and riots;  and as I was boarding this flight I found out that a dear friend and brother in Christ, Mark Berryman went home to the Lord (Praise the Lord, he is Heaven) and then I was told that my son in law, Austin's Grandmother had a stroke.  But through it all God will win.  In the book of Revelation, we all are told how this story ends...GOD WINS!!!!! 
    I will be adding some pictures tomorrow of the team so that you can see who to pray for.  Here are some prayer for the team when you think of us:
         1.  Quick recovery of the team with jet lag and fatigue.
         2.  Open doors and receptive hearts of the people here who we are going to be in contact with.
         3.  The schools that we will be entering this week for boldness
         4.  The villages that are already expecting us to come and share.  These villages are excited!!
    Here are some prayers for us, if you would please pray for us:
         1.  The family of Mark Berryman and his recent Home going.
         2.  For Austin's Grandmother
         3.  Our financial needs.  God is good and we know He will take care of us..

Love you all, Ron

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