Thursday, November 21, 2013

Israel Project: God Working Around the World

The Israel Team at Masada,
Praying for the Country, the People
and the Project about to
    On November 7th, 12 of us left from different locations around the US to begin the Call in our lives to follow to Israel and share with the Bedouin people of central Israel.  Little did we know what incredible things God would do.  Israel is one of the several countries in the region where it is illegal to tell people about Jesus Christ.  Yes, you read that statement correct.  Israel, the birthplace of Jesus Christ and Christianity; it is illegal to tell people of Jesus Christ.  Yes there are Christian churches in Israel, but they are persecuted it they are actively evangelizing, so little is done there to expand the Kingdom. 
    We had the priviledge of working with a wonderful group of people, whose love and caring for the Bedouin people was amazing.  We started our time in Israel with a trip to Masada, to walk around and pray for the people, the country and the upcoming project.  Amazing time of prayer.  Then for the next two days we worked with about 35 students on a English as a second language project for a local high school.  During this time we proposed questions to the young people and they were to answer then and write an article about the topic.  One of the questions was comparing Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  What was really fantastic about this was that since we are there to share the love of Christ, it was a great time to be able to tell them about what makes us Believers and to share with the love and truth about Jesus Christ.  Amazing being able to answer questions, pray with them and also to be able to share the whole story with them.  There was not one of them that did not hear that Jesus is the way, the truth and the only way to get to Heaven.
    One of the conversations that I thought was so interesting in another visit was a young man who said, I know that Jesus is the truth and I know that it is the right, however I must wait until I am an adult and away from my parents in order to let this be known.  The cost is so much for these young people who make decisions for Christ. 
     God allowed us to visit with numberous young people and adults and share with them the love and light of Jesus Christ.  Although we had some mid-morning starts, most our days started around 7 and went until 9 or 10 at night before we retired to our rooms.  The reports from the team have all been fantastic and they were thrilled to be able to share with the Bedouin people of Israel.  Approximately 300 people had the love and light of Jesus Christ shown to them and many of those are asking for further conversations about the way to eternity with Jesus Christ.  To God be the Glory.  In the Bedouin community of the Negav, which numbers at 250,000 and with the 60% of the population being 25 and under....imagine if only half of that became Believers of the one true and living how the country of Israel could be changed.
     The team that God called were some of the most humble and hard working people I have ever had the priviledge of being with.  They were flexible when they needed to be and humble enough to get down on the ground and love on a child or be in a home where this was required.  I truly was blessed.
     We ended our time with a trip to the Old City of Jerusalem.  The place where Jesus walked and paid the ultimate price for our sins and for us to have a way to Heaven. 
      My blog can never come close to telling you the blessings we had of being called by the Lord to do this work.  Thank you for your prayers, love and support of us.  

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