Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 2-Wonderful Day!

              As you know this trip is really about following the Lord, our God in searching out new places where we can come together and follow him in obedience, in Sharing The Truth to "Ends of the Earth."  So as you can see from the pictures this is where I went this morning. 
                 Friday here is the day when we come together for the Fellowship of Believers or as we say, Church.  It was a wonderful service.  During the service, I was able to learn that they have 4 services on Friday, 1 on Monday, Awanas and Youth groups during the week.  And here is the kicker, they are starting church plants throughout the country.  Now here is the kicker on today, each service today averages over 300 people and from the numbers that I was given from our conversation, the number of Believers is significantly more that estimated.  God is definitely working here!!!
           After the morning service, I met with the Pastor during his short break and we are going to start discussing how IC can become more involved with the Lighthouse Evangelical Church of  Kuwait.  Thank you for your prayers.  I am thrilled, excited, Praising Him and expectant at what the Lord is going to do as we progress into the future.   

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