Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Contrast in Oman


                                       Assalam a' laykum from Salalah!
    Salalah is  contrast of cities.  You have the traditional look of what you would expect (or what I would expect in Oman), a desert country with beauty and lots of sand and heat.  And then you have the banana groves and coconut groves outside of the city. 
    Yesterday was kind of a blur for me here.  I arrived safely however I think the overnight flight, and as always is the case on these trips jetlag got the best of me.  Since these trips are usually very busy, with flying, then getting off the plane and then right to working and planning.  I believe that the flight really intensified the fatigue that I fight.  So the day was a blur. 
    But through the grace of God, still there was much completed and excitement on both of our parts about what the future will hold and how we can partner together.
    Today we are headed towards the country that is the east of here, to visit some villages and to begin to understand exactly what and how the work could look like when we get here. I am so excited to hear that God is working here and that His glory we can join in.
    Please pray for the following for me if you have a chance:
          1.  That through this time that God will continue to demonstrate His glory and that we will be able to plan a wonderful time.
          2.  That I will get the rest that I need to go.  I am not asking for sleep but His power to feel me and sustain me and for my physical condition.  My back is flaring up again.
          3.  For the work here and the people I am meeting with.
          4.  For Jerry and Linda Yates and their team that is headed to Paraguay in a few days to do God's work.
     Thank you for everything.  

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