Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shared Feelings

The Art of Making True Silk

Shared Feelings

I wanted to share with you what one of the team has said so far about our trip here.  The perspective is so wonderful. 

The first update: 

Today was a blessed day.  We heard some of the most amazing testimonies I have heard in a long time. (I will share these in more detail when I get home)   We visited with 4 believers with the goal of encouraging them.  And as it always seems to work out, we were encouraged.   The enthusiasm from these brothers and sister would motivate anyone to get off their behind and out spreading the Word. We had the opportunity to participate in a home church service.  It was truly a blessing.  It is always awesome to share in a multi cultural/racial service. The lay person who presented the message was outstanding.  

Second update:

Today was another amazing day.  We met with some non believers and had a wonderful time of visiting with them.  We shared the gospel, but they were not ready to receive.  Our second person we were to meet ended up canceling, so we moved on to meet with one of the people who became a believer yesterday.  We met with him and his mother.  After some visitation, we shared the word of God with her.  We prayed with her and she accepted Christ as her Savior.   We continued to discuss the Word with her and her son, to clear up some of the old misconceptions of how to get into heaven.

We left there and went to the residence of two new believers, who will be baptized tomorrow. One of the believers had been sharing the word of God with a friend of his.  His friend had said  that he was only understanding part of what was being shared. The new believer said, "Don't worry.  I have some friends coming over tonight who can explain it better.  Why don't you stay for dinner."  So he did.  We shared the gospel with him and he prayed to accept Jesus as his Savior.  We continued to talk and eat, and talk and eat...and talk and eat.  It was truly a great time of fellowship. (More about the conversations when I return home)

Last Night's over halfway point update:

God is awesome.  We had a great time at Samanda (The port city where Paul and Barnabus sailed from) baptizing a new brother ( Mr. U) and sister (Mrs. E) in Christ.  They were elated coming out of the water.  Mr. U said he never felt so free.  It was an amazing experience, both for them and our team.  It was a blessing for Ron, as he was able to baptise both.  (These two were saved when Ron was here setting up this trip.)  We continued our day traveling through the city of Samanda and up the mountain to St. Symeon's castle. (The castle is in ruins and is currently under renovation to make it safe for tourists.)  We arrived to find it closed and guarded.  fter briefly speaking to the guard, he turned off the cameras and allowed us access, giving us a guided tour of the ruins.  We returned to  Hatay, where we had a great lunch.  ( side note, I ate one of the hotest peppers I have ever ate in my life.  Ron thought I was joking so he took a bite.  The joke was on him!!!  He found out I was not kidding!!!!LOL)  We then traveled to another believer's residence, where we had tea and fellowship.  Again, we came here to encourage and bless new believers, and again, we were blessed by them just as much.  This elderly gentle man has been sharing the word of God with everyone who will listen and even those who wont, for the past three years.  What a blessing and an encouragement.

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