Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Evening and All is Well...

The Sun Setting over the Med. Sea


    It has been an amazing week so far here.  Today was our last really full day, tomorrow will be a modified day as the team will have to get back to the place where we are staying.  We will have to do any last minute visits (which could take time), maybe get some snacks for the flight home, pack, try to get some sleep and then be at the airport at 6:00am on Sunday morning for the beginning of our 24 plus hour trip back home.  So I would like to give you just a few highlights about this week so far. 

1.  We have seen eight people make professions of faith so far this week.  Today we prayed with number eight.  Eight people is a HUGE number when you know the costs of making the decision to follow Jesus.  The costs are family, friends, future and even sometimes their lives.  As Americans we have no idea what the costs are. Even I don't know the costs that this decision is.  And I have lived and traveled in this region for almost 14 years. 
2.  We have been part of a baptism of two new Believers.  And for me the really cool thing is that I got to perform the baptisms.  It was such an honor, blessing and gift from God. 
3.  We have planted numberous seeds and discussed Esau Robb (Jesus the Lord) with to many people to count.
4.  We have met with Believers and encouraged them, disciple them and loved on them over this last week.  Even pictures will not describe or show the hearts and love of these Believers.
5.  We attended a House Church here.  It is the first Christian Church in this area in almost a 100 years and it was a fantastic time to worship with them.
6.  We, but what I should say is, I have been able to rekindle friendships with many who immediately came up to me and hugged on me and of course shared many cheek kisses. 
7.  And finally we have seen and experienced places where the church of Antioch and Paul were. 

    These are just a few of the Amazing things that have happened on this trip so far.  There is one last thing that God has done and that is that He has kept us very safe.  This is a gigantic praise for us so far.  I told the team tonight a reason that we have seen and experienced so many "God Things" this week is because of the prayers and support of each of you.  Thank you for standing with us on this trip.
The Team minus Me


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