Saturday, March 1, 2014

Crazy Day In Cairo

Crazy Day In Cairo
    I am not going to make this a long report for the first day because if you are following this blog then you will be reading a lot and I don't want you to be too bored.  But yet my hope is that you will have enjoy what is happening on this trip.
    What would the first day in Cairo or for that fact, any trip that I go on where I don't find myself in a position (usually because of my makings) that when you tell the story is interesting, wacky and crazy?  They can be from getting stuck in a Pyramid for over an hour in 120 degree weather, to having the bus carrying the team leave me behind, to climbing the side of a ancient Petra formation over 100 feet in the air, or to climbing an ancient wall to get a picture of the scenic view and the drop off the other side of the wall, then having it collapse underneath me. 
     Today would not be any different.  If you have been following the news about Egypt, especially around Cairo, you know that there is just a little political situation here.  So this trip is one that I need to make sure that I don't do anything to put myself or the people I am visiting here in a situation.  Well I did it today and really, really it wasn't my fault.  We were going to pick up his daughter from school, get some fresh bread and then to the store.  The first 2 without incident, the last one, not so much.
     We stopped at the store and of course as is the case in Cairo, traffic is terrible and you just park the car anywhere.  So we stopped the car, Medhat got out to run in the store and said, "Ron, you stay here with Madonna and if someone needs, you move the car."  Not a big request, but if you know me; I can make anything a big request.  As soon Medhat goes into the store, a car pulls up and asks us to move.  So I climb behind into the driver's side and away I go.  My thinking is drive it down the street, turn around and go back.  So I drive down about a block, pull into a driveway on a little bit of a driveway headed downhill, try to put the car in reverse (by the way it is a manual transmission), and low and behold the car is going reverse.  I put my foot on the brake and try again and again down Madonna and I go.  Did I forget to tell you that it is the driveway to the Emirates Embassy...oops probably not?  I didn't know that it was either until the Egyptian Soldiers came out with hands on their side-arms and AK47's at my level.  Between Madonna and my broken Arabic, we explained the problem.  They were laughing and I was very red faced, but smiling; they understood, Then  I had to wait while Madonna ran down to the store and got Medhat to come and move the car. 
    To make every thing better, Medhat got in the car and immediately backed up the car.  This made the soldiers laugh even more.  I guess I truly am the "not so smart American,"  wait that is not true, I am just the American who has no idea how to drive a car, especially a manual transmission.  The great thing about today is that I was able to bring some fun and laugher into the Soldiers who lately have not had it so easy here.  

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