Friday, December 13, 2013

The Reasons


    It is an amazing event that has happened in my life.  I started this blog for 2 reasons.  The first to let all of our Partners in the Ministry know what was going on during those times that I am traveling or before I get a Partnership Newsletter sent.  The second reason was to be Transparent in my walk with the Lord and so that each of you would be able to get to know me better, as the person I am 24 hours a day.  So today there have been almost 1300 of you who have visited the blog and blessed me by reading what I have written. 
    I committed that when I started this, that at least every week I would strive to put something on the blog to let you know what is happening.  I have fulfilled that commitment but please have faith that I am trying very hard.  Although the ministry is very busy, sometimes I don't think you want to read about the mundane pieces of administration that happens, so I just hold off for  a little while.  Since the last update, that is pretty much what has transpired.  Next week, I will be able to tell you about projects that are happening in 2014, speaking at churches here in California and upcoming places that God has allowed me to come and speak about His work. 
     This week I would like to touch on my second reason for writing this blog and that is to be transparent to each of you.  1st Timothy 6:12 says:

                   "Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses. "

So now I am going to confess my second largest weakness to you.  Before I told you that I worry a whole lot, however a even bigger area that I fight and take to the Lord more than anything else is that I fight "depression."   You would think that being in the ministry I would not be depressed but I am.  Jeannine thinks that some my depression is genetic and that it is because I am always putting extra stress upon myself.  You know she is probably right in a whole lot ways (she usually is).  I am not talking about the dark depression that is debilitating, but the depression that causes me to become quiet (you know me, quiet is not, worry more, and question more things then I usually would.
     This depression does not happen a lot but I must confess it does happen.  And when it does I do take it to the Lord.  I ALWAYS get comfort from the Lord but sometimes it does not rid me of the depression.  You see, I am totally human and thankfully I have a Lord who understands me, forgives me, and does comfort me.  Praise Him that it doesn't last long because many of you are used to lift my spirits and bring me out of this.  Thank you. 
     So I pray I have not bored you to much and that you still love me or like me even with all of my faults.  I pray that by me sharing this with you that if you suffer from this same thing that God is there for you.  Just trust Him!

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