Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Love Story

Our Wedding Day

A Love Story
    Almost 33 years ago, I met this wonderful person after going through what I thought was one of the toughest years of my life.  I will save that story for another time.  So I walked into our college food service where I worked and met, Jeannine.  You know that saying that "sometimes you just know this is the one."  Well that is exactly how I felt about Jeannine.
    To make our long story short, I asked her out she said no.  But I was persistent and finally she gave in and asked me out and of course I said yes.  Like I say before, I knew she was the one.  A few short months went by and we got engaged.   Then after dating and being engaged for 18 months, we got married.  
    Not long after we were married, we moved.  This would be the first of many moves that Jeannine would agree to without complaint. Eleven in the first 5 years of marriage and then feeling the Call of the Lord and moving to the Middle East.  All without complaint.   This is the way that she has been our whole marriage.  She loves without conditions.  Over the last 30 plus years, Jeannine has been an answer to my prayers more than I have been an answer to her. 
    Jeannine seems to always know what I am thinking, probably before I even know what I am thinking.  She stands next to me in every decision, of which I think many she does not agree with.  As I have followed the Lord, she has followed with me.  I know that she gets concerned and is concerned every time that I leave.  But still she hugs me, kisses me and says that she loves me and is praying for me.  She has cried when I cried and laughed when I laugh.  She supports me when I complain or am upset, never saying a cruel or unjust word.  She stands with me during the darkest moments of our lives and brightest moments.  She is the example in every way what the Bible says a wife is to be.  She loves me a 100 percent of the time, and many times she gives more. 
    This is the woman that God made just for me.  Many have said that God knows and plans for us to prosper and that is what Jeannine is for me.  Without her I would not be the person I am.  She is my gift from God.  We have had almost 33 years together and in one month, we will be married for 31 years.  I would like to have another 33 years with this woman, Jeannine.  She is my life, my love and my everything.

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