Friday, February 21, 2014


Cairo, Egypt (1st Stop)

Ancient City of Ephesus, Turkey (2nd Stop)

Kuwait City, Kuwait (3rd Stop)

Salalah, Oman (4th Stop)

    As you can see from the pictures above, it is time to travel again.  A week from today I will be landing or have already arrived in Cairo, Egypt.  This trip is one of the longest trips of the year that I will make solo (or without a team and a project happening).  I will try in this blog to explain what I will be doing in each of the areas so that you will know how to pray.  I would like to be able to tell you the dates of where I will be, however due to security issues of the trip, it is a "wise" choice to not. 
    Cairo, Egypt:  This trip has been postponed several times due to the political turmoil that has transpired in the country.  Right now the country is as quiet as it has been in a while, which makes it the best time to go.  We have a "Man of Peace" there that we have worked with several times in the past and has been a friend of the organization for a very long time and a friend/brother to me for approximately 9 years.  Many of you have prayed for him and his family over the last couple of years as the political climate in Egypt has been in flux.  During this trip, we will be planning several National to National Projects for the rest of this year and for next year.  We will also start looking at bringing another team in late 2015 or early 2016.  
    Ephesus Region, Turkey:  When God led us back to refocus on this region, a door was opened into this region and a new potential partner was given.  I will be spending my longest time in this area of the trip.  I will be meeting with our new partner, who has developed a evangelistic tool (similar to the evangicube) that is Islamic specific.  I will have the opportunity to use the tool in an outreach situation (what a team will be doing).   I will also be visiting several of the new house churches that have been developed in this region and also pray with and encourage many of the new believers in this region.  And then we will be doing a lot of the planning for a team that will be coming in 2015.
    Kuwait City, Kuwait:  I will be meeting with a local evangelistic church (approximately 1000 members) discussing a partnership between IC and them.  We will be learning about each others visions (their vision is to establish house churches throughout the area) and how IC's vision can assist them.  This is the portion of the trip that I have the most apprehension on.  The church has a person who is working with me on all the details of my travel into the country however communication has been very hit and miss so if I was to fly in today I would not know all the details of the trip there.  Please pray for this part of the trip.
    Salalah, Oman:  This is all about the final preparation of the team coming in June.  I will be meeting with the local leadership, churches and people we will be meeting with.  What each day will look like and then we will spend lots of time in prayer for what God is going to do.
    After almost 3 weeks I will be arriving back home, given the weather will cooperate and all my connections will be made.  As I travel this time, I am traveling into areas where the political situations are not the most calm and at any moment could change.  I know you are thinking what is new, right?  But this time there are more unknowns then usual and until I get off the plane back home, I won't be able to really take a deep breath, even though I know God has a plan and will take care of me.  So please pray for my family as I make this trip.  God is really going to do some great stuff on this trip and as always I am expectant and exciting about what God has called me to do.  
    Please also be in prayer for the work that has to be done prior to the trip and the immediate work that I will have to do when I get home.  The first 30 days upon arriving home are going to be a whirlwind of Ministry Partnership work and planning for the future in the region.   Again thank you for reading this blog and I would love to hear from you if you have comments or an encouraging word.  If you want to write to me while I am traveling, please do; it means so much.  I do promise to get back to you but internet could be a challenge this time.  God Bless Each of You!!!1

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